Capability Statement

B & B Floor Services, LLC is a mission-focused full-service flooring company that was founded in December of 2004. With over twenty six years of combined industry experience, our firm offers a wide range of flooring solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in both government and commercial environments. We have grown significantly since our humble beginnings. While our growth has been substantial, we continue to move forward with our focus on excellence in our service delivery.

Why We Are Different
B & B Floor Services is one of the elite flooring companies in the area. We understand the importance of developing relationships with our clients to understand the immediate needs of a project, time lines, and project budgets. Our stellar track record exists because of our firm’s ability to provide excellence from start-to-finish. We have also earned the respect of industry professionals because of our ability to match the  project requirements with practical products that meet both aesthetic and functional demands. Recently, our firm’s focus on greening efforts has enabled us to provide a variety of eco-friendly products to contribute to the LEED Certification award for several projects. The firm’s “Green Option” includes sustainable products to include carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile and resilient flooring.

Product Overview
Floors set the tone of the room – the look and feel of an area – but beyond appearance, the ultimate decision on which flooring material to be installed should be based on the functionality of the area. For example, an area in which there is heavy foot traffic needs a durable floor whereas a bedroom floor could be covered by a soft and cozy material suitable for unworn shoes. With literally thousands of combinations of materials, colors and styles of products available, our firm is at the forefront of delivering innovative and useful solutions to meet project needs.

When choosing a product; consider “The 3 Ms” (Motive, Mood, and Maintenance).
Consider the Motive – What type of floor best suits the function of the area? Natural wood, while beautiful and warm, may not be the best selection for a bathroom. White carpeting may be a great selection for a low traffic bedroom, but it may have a very short life span in a high traffic office setting.
Consider the Mood – Different flooring materials set very definite moods and tones. Natural materials tend to soften the ambience in an area. Stone quarry tiles with a rough finish set a rustic mood. Solid resilient flooring, with its soft feel underfoot and bright colors can warm a kitchen or set a dramatic style with a single solid color. The flooring choice you make can dramatically enhance every other aspect of your decorating scheme.
Consider Maintenance – Take into account the amount of maintenance and
care that a floor will require. A busy lifestyle may not have time in it for the kind of maintenance that some floors require. Some low maintenance options include pre-sealed wood floors, stone tiles and vinyl flooring.

Our Value Proposition
We understand the challenges that companies in our industry face on a day-to-day basis. Our efforts include strategies that specifically focus on streamlining processes while continuing to provide quality products and services. Through the process of streamlining, not only are we more efficient and effective in our service delivery, but our clients are also able to save time and money as a result of our efforts. The use of these best practices, coupled with our experience, allows us to provide the best flooring solutions and services in the industry. We take pride in our craft, meeting and often exceeding client expectations as a result of our responsiveness, consistency, professionalism, and exceptional service delivery.

Let’s Talk More….
Let’s talk more to explore and process potential strategies for addressing your flooring needs. We are available to discuss the needs of your organization and we are here to help you achieve your objectives.

Excellence From Start To Finish
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